The best brunch spots in Calgary to try ASAP

Tender slices of Virginia ham ready to be drowned in hollandaise, with layered potato pavé and fresh salad at Earls Kitchen + Bar. Credit: Earls Kitchen + Bar
Ham benedict with potato pavé at Earls Kitchen + Bar, one of the best places for brunch in Calgary.

Calgary is surrounded by amazing brunch spots that take freshness and originality seriously. From family-friendly spots, elegant gems for a celebratory occasion, romantic destinations for a unique brunch date, or cozy cafés for a group hangout, the best brunch in Calgary can be found at these buzzing restaurants featuring lively settings and farm-to-table goodness. 

Try a breakfast pizza for the first time or have a jazzy Sunday brunch that teleports you to old New York. Dine on firestone-roasted Alberta beef under majestic mountains as you admire the natural Canadian wilderness. In scenic Prince’s Island Park, a Canadian gem serves an outstanding riverside brunch with a focus on sustainability

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Read on to discover the best brunch places in Calgary


For contemporary Canadian cuisine at one of the best brunch spots in Calgary – don’t miss Ten Foot Henry in Calgary

Vanilla whipped cream caps a fluffy sourdough pancake with sweetness and aroma. Credit: Ten Foot Henry
Marble tables under foliage at Ten Foot Henry, one of the best brunch spots in Calgary.
Artwork decorates the walls in an easy-going and fun atmosphere. Credit: Ten Foot Henry
Marble tables under foliage at Ten Foot Henry, one of the best brunch spots in Calgary.
A perfect fit for brunch, the bright dining room soaks in sunlight under lush greenery. Credit: Ten Foot Henry

Serving up classically Canadian brunch every Saturday and Sunday in the heart of downtown Calgary, this buzzy hotspot offers phenomenal food focused on wholesomeness and flavor. Ten Foot Henry is dazzling the downtown core with a stellar menu of chef-created brunch sensations. Diners are greeted by a canopy of greenery resting beside crisp marble tables. The design is unmistakably Canadian in look and feel, with wooden flooring and beams matching the wholesome cuisine. Quirky artwork dots the walls to create a jovial environment. It’s impossible to not love the sourdough pancakes, topped with vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with real maple syrup. Tomato toast with ham or avocado is finished with hollandaise and fried egg. Don’t miss the double smoked bacon side with pecorino and a hint of maple or try the four-egg omelette with whipped goat cheese. And if brunch isn’t your thing, no worries — the rest of the regular Ten Foot Henry menu is available all the time as well.

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For a stunning brunch menu made from scratch with fresh local ingredients – check out Earls Kitchen + Bar in Willow Park, Stephen Ave, Aspen, Dalhousie, Kensington, Mission, Barlow Trail, Red Deer and Westhills 

Refreshing and creative cocktails enhance the taste of local fresh fare like salad and steak, making for an amazing meal in the middle of the day. Credit: Earls Kitchen + Bar
A toasted ham and cheese sandwich at Earls Kitchen + Bar, one of the best Calgary brunch spots.
Melt-in-your-mouth deli fresh ham and cheese with avocado with crispy home-baked toast. Credit: Earls Kitchen + Bar
Earls is synonymous with elegance, providing a spotless and expertly decorated dining room. Credit: Earls Kitchen + Bar

With a menu crafted from wholesome local ingredients, and delectable brunch creations made entirely from scratch, Earls Kitchen + Bar boasts multiple locations in Willow Park, Stephen Ave, Aspen, Dalhousie, Kensington, Mission, Barlow Trail, Red Deer and Westhills. The focus is on consciously considering the quality of the food from farm to table, supporting local farmers while providing the Calgary brunch scene with inventive choices.  Cocktails are on the midday menu at Earls, so sip on a revitalizing watermelon mimosa for a drink that pairs perfectly with bright brunch options. The prawn omelet offers a salty, umami meal with parmesan and garlic butter for a combination that can’t be beaten. Benedicts are an essential part of any brunch menu, and here Earls doesn’t disappoint. There’s a crab cake benedict with prawns and layered potato pavè, or the classic benedict with gentle shavings of Virginia ham under two delicately poached eggs and a homemade benedict sauce. Vegetarians will enjoy the avocado benedict, while the chorizo hash offers a morning kick of pork-powered goodness with ancho chili flavor.  With towering ceilings and generous plant life, Earls Kitchen + Bar brings out a natural North American feel.

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For a family-friendly brunch under scenic mountains and lush foliage – visit Farm & Fire in Banff

The brick-accented exterior of Farm & Fire sits under tall trees and majestic mountains. Credit: Farm & Fire
The clean and sun-drenched dining room at Farm & Fire, is possibly the best brunch near Calgary in Banff
Gentle and inviting, the dining room at Farm & Fire is elevated with sleek pops of black and abundant sunlight. Credit: Farm & Fire
Slow-roasted wood-fired chicken for maximum tender juiciness. Credit: Farm & Fire

Beneath majestic mountains and towering trees sits a spot that’s been wowing Banff diners with delectable brunch creations from the finest local ingredients. Farm & Fire offers a brunch menu for everyone, from plant-based power to diners looking for something different and wonderful. Boasting a wood-burning fire and a penchant for slow roasting, Farm & Fire lives up to its name with a focus on farm-to-table freshness. Families are welcomed with a kids’ menu featuring child-sized French toast, waffles, or eggs with tater tots. Adults can explore an original menu that offers an elevated twist on North American brunch classics such as the pumpkin French toast with spiced mascarpone and gluten-free bread pudding, or the bison benny with wood-fire slow-roasted braised bison and eggs under house hollandaise. Home of the brunch bowl, diners will enjoy the holy cow bowl with juicy certified Angus beef, or go plant-based with the lean mean vegan machine. Mocktails like the nojito with berries, mint, and lime offer an alcohol-free pick-up, or go for a blood orange and basil margarita and have a boozier brunch.  Choose to sit at a table, at the bar, or near the open kitchen to see the team create your culinary masterpiece. Grab a patio table on warmer days and kick back under soaring mountains and lush northern foliage. 

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For a riverside brunch in a boldly Canadian hotspot – go to River Café in Calgary 

The cottage-like exterior of River Café hints at the quality of Canadian cuisine. Credit: River Café
The spacious and classically Canadian dining room at River Café, a top contender for the best brunch in Calgary.
The thoroughly Canadian dining room of River Café, with deep wooden finish and tall windows to admire the beautiful outdoors. Credit: River Café
Fresh greens on a shareable dish at River Café.
Presentation meets freshness with gorgeous green and brilliant blues on a white plate. Credit: River Café

With an unparalleled focus on quality and fresh local ingredients, this Canadian gem in scenic Prince’s Island Park offers an unbelievable brunch that’ll keep you coming back for more. River Café in Calgary overlooks the Bow River downtown in a natural and stunning setting. Style and comfort collide in a dining room that makes no apologies for Canadian-ness. With deep rich wood covering the ceiling and floors, and decorative canoes sprinkled about, the River Café dining room fits with the locally themed cuisine. It all begins with choosing meat and produce from local farms and fisheries that practice responsible stewardship of the earth. There’s a shareable fish and game board, or a selection of artisan cheese with Avonlea Clothbound cheddar and Sylvan Star Grizzly gouda. Haida gwaii halibut cakes with soft poached eggs and trout roe are a refreshing specialty, as is the smoked salmon tartelette with goat feta and Mans Farm egg. Benedicts are offered with options like cured arctic char or braised beef short rib for a local take on this buttery brunch classic. Monogram coffee is served non-stop to help you wake up, or order an espresso martini with vodka and Kahlua for a special midday drink. Sip from a gourmet selection of teas or try an island fizz with prosecco and seasonal Okanagan orange juice

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For a homemade Halifax east coast maritime brunch – check out Blowers & Grafton in Shawnessy, Mission, Bowness and Lethbridge

Creamy and delicately poached eggs topped with a sprig of dill. Credit: Blowers & Grafton
East Coast lobster in freshly baked bread at Blowers & Grafton, one of the best places for brunch in Calgary.
The Blowers & Grafton menu features the flavors of the east coast, like buttery lobster on freshly baked bread. Credit: Blowers & Grafton
An in-house Caesar creation with a stick of meat at Blowers & Grafton, one of the best brunch spots Calgary offers.
When east coasters design a drink menu, you get inventive cocktails like the Caesar with a stick of donair meat and pepperoni. Credit: Blowers & Grafton

Serving up brunch inspired by Halifax street food, this buzzy hotspot does everything with passion and flair. Blowers & Grafton in Shawnessy, Mission, Bowness and Lethbridge offers East Coast Canadian cuisine that’s out of this world. Created by maritime Josh Robinson to share the taste of Nova Scotia with the west, Blowers & Grafton offers four bright and spacious locations around Calgary. There’s a relaxing vibe that’s totally consistent with the East Coast maritime theme. Liven up your morning brew with a Bailey’s coffee with cream and drizzled caramel, or a tequila sunrise mimosa combining OJ, grenadine, and prosecco. Think lobster eggs benedict, with tender chunks of real Atlantic lobster bathed in brown butter, or the OG donair bennie with donair meat, onions, and soft poached eggs melted together under a homemade hollandaise sauce. Yer’ Canadian breakfast comes with classics like eggs, toast, and home fries, along with a varied choice of sides. 

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For one of the best Sunday brunch in Calgary with jazz music – grab a table at Alvin’s Jazz Club in Calgary

A piano ready to float soft jazz notes over diners enjoying a magnificent brunch. Credit: Alvin’s Jazz Club

When you’re craving enticing brunch options with a side of live music, look no further than Alvin’s Jazz Club in Calgary. Offering a jazzy brunch every Sunday, this spot serves up amazing fare in a smooth atmosphere that will take you to 1930s New York City. Bold lights of blue, purple, and yellow create an old-fashioned ambience, and soft generous seating lets you sink down and relax.  Quintessentially Canadian, the menu is bursting with everyday brunch favorites, dialed up a notch and turned into something amazing. The land, sea, and air with braised short rib, grilled prawns, and 2 eggs offers a powerful punch of protein that will fill you up with satisfaction. Order chicken and homemade waffles for sweet satisfaction or get Alvin’s benny Italian sensation with prosciutto and parmesan-crusted eggs. If you’re looking to give in to your sweet cravings, then enjoy the strawberry shortcake buttermilk waffle. Don’t miss the bebop breakfast poutine with pickled Fresno chilis, bacon, and poached eggs.

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For one of the best brunch spots in Calgary – don’t miss Starbelly OPEN KITCHEN + LOUNGE in Calgary

Under a natural Canadian wood canopy sits one of the best brunch places in Calgary. Starbelly OPEN KITCHEN + LOUNGE – Calgary serves up appetizing and elevated Canadian brunch creations decked out in elegance. For a journey through sweetness, there’s the stuffed French toast with Chantilly cream and Nutella, or combine sweet with savory and order the chicken and waffles with maple chili syrup. Be bold with your benny and get the truffle mushroom eggs benedict with brown butter hollandaise, or try the capicola and brie benny with thinly sliced capicola ham and double cream brie cheese with hash browns. There’s a tater tot poutine with 24-hour sous vide pork belly and roasted red pepper for an unapologetically Canadian brunch. Kids are greeted with a menu they’ll love, including Nutella banana brioche French toast or a half buttermilk waffle with real maple syrup. Sip on a hot cappuccino or latte or go for a spirited mimosa with orange, pineapple, or grapefruit for a delightful morning kick. Heritage roast coffee fills the dining room with the scent of caffeinated morning goodness. 

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For ethically sourced fine dining at one of the best brunch spots in Calgary – stop by Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Provincial Park

An unbeatable selection of in-house pastries and sandwiches bursting with bright seasonal ingredients. Credit: Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

Under the guidance of executive chef Bern Glatz, this Calgary treasure offers a Canadian brunch sourced from ethical local suppliers. Located in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant provides an elegant atmosphere to enjoy a midday meal made from the finest ingredients. Created by Ulrich and Monika Kuenz, Alberta’s ranching heritage is celebrated through flavor and freshness in a former ranch house. A large fireplace greets diners under soft yellow lighting and antler chandeliers, fitting perfectly with the ranch theme. Start with the shareable continental starter with made-in-house pastries, or perhaps a charcuterie board with the freshest selection of cured meats and cheese. The mushroom and brioche serves up truffled hollandaise over wild mushrooms, while the steak and eggs features Albertan beef with eggs served sunny side up. When you’re in the mood for sweetness, discover the brioche French toast with candied almonds and fresh whipped cream. There’s a veranda to dine on in warmer months, and private rooms are available to book as well. 

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For the best fire-roasted brunch near Calgary – go to Firestone Restaurant and Bar  in Lethbridge

This Lethbridge brunch spot offers fresh and fantastic menu options utilizing a woodstone and rotisserie oven. Voted the ‘number one patio in Lethbridge’ for 10 years in a row, Firestone Restaurant and Bar is hands down the best brunch near Calgary in Lethbridge. The warmly-toned dining room hosts welcoming and friendly servers, and the patio wraps around the exterior, providing luxurious and spacious seating under generous greenery in warmer months. The menu is distinctly North American. There’s the Texas skillet featuring local Alberta steak and jalapeño Havarti, or the in-house banana bread French toast with brown sugar syrup. Innovative benedict options include tenderloin steak with Alberta Gold premium beef, chicken chorizo sausage, or a veggie benedict with spinach and avocado. There’s a lobster and crab omelet or skip the cutlery and order a brioche breakfast sandwich with cheese, smoked bacon, and ham. The bar specializes in rum, so take your time in the beautiful ambience and sip on a coral reef with coconut rum, tropical fruit juices, and vanilla. Chocolate lovers should go for the chocolate espresso rum martini with a splash of chocolate cream liqueur. 

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Surrounded by local food producers focused on farm-to-table freshness, the best brunch in Calgary can be found at these stellar restaurants for an unforgettable experience. Have double-smoked bacon with your sourdough vanilla pancakes or experience a wood-fire roasted braised bison benedict. Dine in a riverside retreat, or experience Halifax Street food creatively transformed into brunch. Grab your friends and loved ones and head out for an amazing brunch made from high-quality Albertan ingredients. 


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